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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Garage construction

We built a garage after we moved in. We started it late last summer. We hired people to do the excavating, the concrete work, and the roofing. We hired my dad to build it (he's a carpenter with years of experience). My husband installed the in-floor heat (that's what the orange tubes are). He and his brothers also assisted on the construction, which is why you see two guys up there on one of the pictures.

It has now passed inspection and we've moved all of our junk into it. Goodbye, rented storage space! And, yes, we can still park in it. We have an adorable unfinished loft upstairs. Those gables are so tempting to my kids; they want to sit inside them and write or read a book next to the windows. Maybe when spring comes - the garage isn't heated yet.

I still need to paint the fiber cement siding and cedar trim on the front in the spring.

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