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Monday, April 6, 2009


I love teapots and teacups. And china in general.

I finally arranged my teapot collection on top of my kitchen cabinets. They've been just kind of sitting up there for, oh, 11 months now....

Okay, strictly speaking, it's not just teapots. That first one is a coffee pot. It's part of my set of china.

In the next picture, the one on the left is a teapot. The one on the right is a pitcher my sister painted to match my kitchen curtain (which has not yet gone up in this house).

Then another teapot, then another pitcher:

Then two more teapots:

I still need to come up with a way to raise them up higher. I didn't have crown molding in my old kitchen, so you could see them much better. But I love the crown molding! I think if I just stuck the pots up on blocks of wood, they'd be in danger of falling off. The kids' bedrooms are directly above, and when they run and jump, things vibrate. My husband thinks he could put little sides on blocks of wood so that they'd stay in place. But that's hardly his highest priority now that spring is here. Someday they'll be set up perfectly.

I also want probably two more teapots - they're kind of spread out now that I have such a nice big bank of cabinets. My sister-in-law said she's making me one, which is so awesome. She makes beautiful ceramics.

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  1. I LOVE teapots! I once decided I should collect them and put them on top of my cupboards....I haven't really done that yet, but we sure are related! :) -Suzy