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Thursday, December 3, 2009


In November, I worked on doors.

I stained and varnished my kids' bedroom doors.

No, I have not been keeping up with finishing my house.

I stained and varnished the windows and trim and door frames (with a little help from my friends - you know who you are) before we moved in. And then I stained and varnished a bunch of new windows after we moved in because the window company agreed with our builder that they were defective - unbeknownst to me.

When the window company called and told me they were ready to deliver the new windows, I told them they had the wrong account. They had to convince me that, yes, they really meant my windows. Well, shoot. I was done with the windows. I needed to do the doors! We'd put those off because we just needed to move in once we'd sold our old house.

That was last year. I did get the doors in the public areas of the house done last year. Bedrooms, no. I still have some to do next year once it's warm enough to work outside.

That was the great thing about this November. It was so mild. October was rainy and cold and, as you can see from one of my posts, it even snowed. I got so lucky with the nice November weather to get some things done. I do well with desperate deadlines. So, yes, I was painting outside in November in Minnesota. Crazy.

I worked on the chicken coop.

I got the trim all primed and painted. I also got a second coat of red paint on most of the building, which will make life easier once the rest of the trim gets put up. It's a pain to paint two very different colors on adjoining surfaces. I actually still need to get a second coat of red paint on the door next year.

I also primed and painted my front door.

My husband put on a storm door this fall, which made it SO much easier to paint the outside of the front door. We have a lot more bugs here in the country than we ever did in town. I painted my front door there, just leaving it standing open for hours. Once a wasp flew in, but that was about it. Here we get attacked by swarms of Asian lady beetles, quite a number of flies, and wasps, off and on. A storm door was the answer to "How am I ever going to leave this door open long enough for the paint to dry?"

It still needs another coat to achieve nice, solid blueness. I love having a little color. Our house, garage, and shed are white. We like white. But we needed some color accents.

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  1. Love the chicken coop!!! Wow. He CAN design!