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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thing 33: Travel 2.0

I took a look at the various travel sites and blogs on Thing 33 of More Things on a Stick (a statewide library project I'm working on, for those of you new to looking at my blog). I think the review sites are useful to know about in the library, because we do have patrons who come in to plan their travel. I've searched for hotel information with multiple patrons, along with some other tourist information. It will be useful to be able to tell them that there are websites where we could look for reviews of the hotels or the places they're thinking of visiting.

Two that I thought looked helpful were TripAdvisor and TravelPost.com . I tried a couple of searches and found reasonable results. If you're the kind of person who likes to look at product reviews on Amazon and other shopping sites, this is the kind of thing you'd probably like to find on hotels and such.

My Kugelhopf is a gorgeous travel blog - but very slow to load, so slower connections probably wouldn't find it worth it.

Hotspotr could be a useful way to find free Wi-Fi for when you're traveling, and FastFoodMaps.com would be very useful to our family if we could access it from a Blackberry while driving. Our options for eating on the road are limited because of a food allergy, and when it's suppertime and we haven't found a familiar chain for a while, it would be great to know how to find the nearest Wendy's or Taco Bell.

And there, folks, is my tenth Thing on a Stick! I had intended to do all 23 by the original May deadline, but there was so, so much to read and do. I was relieved when they said we could just do 10 and still get the basic completion prize. And then they extended the deadline to June 20th. I must not have been the only one who was overwhelmed when working on this. I'd still like to work on the others at my leisure, because I find Web/Library 2.0 to be really interesting as well as important when working as an information (para)professional.

In any case, I'm happy to have my commitment fulfilled!

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  1. Betsy,

    Congratulations on completing 10 Things for More Things on a Stick.