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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've Seen Spring

It seems to be barely beginning here, but it's in full swing in Missouri:

We drove through an area in southern Iowa where there is an Amish community. We often see buggies there, and we weren't disappointed; we saw three.
Too early for the horse-drawn plows to be out, though.

We saw three museums on the University of Missouri campus. One was a room of plaster casts of ancient Greek statues:

We also saw their art museum, full of original artworks and artifacts from ancient Egypt to the current day. And we went to the department of anthropology's displays.

I really liked seeing the beautiful old buildings on the Mizzou campus:

Thomas Jefferson's original gravestone is there:

We also saw the library, which was hosting a display of rare books relating to Charles Darwin and earlier attempts to catalog and classify all of the animal species known.

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