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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Venison Can Be Good

We've been eating a lot of venison this winter. My husband got a deer last fall. It was young enough and farm-field-fed enough to be quite tender and mild-tasting. I know vension can be gamey, and I can taste that this isn't beef, but this meat is good.

This was an economical way for us to get meat, too. My husband went deer hunting on our land, so there were no travel costs. And he and his brother processed the deer themselves, so we didn't have butcher shop costs. We didn't even have any sausage made. But he and I still need to thaw the bag of scraps and grind it into hamburger.


  1. Is that...grilled zucchini?

  2. Yes, and grilled carrots, potatoes and vension steaks. It was a recipe I tried when it was a milder day and the snow was melted off the patio. I'm inexperienced at grilling vegetables, so they didn't get as done as they should have. But I'd try it again - well, maybe not the zucchini.