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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Badlands National Park

We've been to the badlands in South Dakota before, and we really like them. It's fun to walk around on the trails.

And we like to hike around off-trail.

Our almost-7-year-old now fits into her sister's old hiking boots. So we'd tell her to slow down, let us help her, stay on the trail. And we'd hear, "Guys! I have hiking boots!" As though that made it all okay, because she had super powers for climbing hills or something. We heard that the whole trip, actually, because we did a fair amount of (mostly easy) hiking.

It was 96 that day. Whew, that was tiring. We went through a whole cooler of drinks.

One fun thing we did was find the same exact off-trail spot where, four years ago, we'd explored and taken a picture that we sent out in our Christmas card and still have framed in our living room. We didn't end up standing in exactly precisely the same spot. But it's close. The kids are so much bigger!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had fun! It's always a treat going back to familiar places. There's just something about it.

    ~ Jennifer