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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Devil's Tower

Next stop, Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

The site is run by the National Park Service. I love the NPS; everything they run is a good place to visit, as far as I've seen.

We hiked around Devil's Tower. That was another hot and tiring walk, although it was cooler than the day we were in the badlands. It was a mile and a quarter on the shorter trail, if I'm remembering correctly. So we said, "We can handle that." We noticed the sign said to bring water, so we grabbed a bottle from the car. That was a good idea! It took us a long time to walk around, even though the trail is paved.

There are giant chunks of rock all around that have fallen off of the volcanic tower.

People were climbing it while we were there. Wow, that climb is straight up - serious mountain climbing.

Walking the trail gives you plenty of time to look at the formation from all different viewpoints.

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