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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Our last tourist stop was Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

We started at the Painted Canyon overlook.

Then we drove into the park loop a bit. These badlands are much greener than the South Dakota badlands.

We hiked Wind Canyon trail; it's short but pretty.

Honestly, by this time we'd seen so much of the badlands; the day before on the paleontology trip we'd spent the whole day wandering around North Dakota badlands. So we were less enthralled than we would have been if we'd started at this park. It was nice. But we stayed just a short time. We were also short on time because of adding the dinosaur day to our plans at the last minute. Wandering way back to the petrified forest was not really possible on our schedule, although I'd like to see that someday.

We saw a few buffalo at this park. We also saw people ignore the signs, pull off the road, get out of their cars, and approach buffalo bulls to take pictures. Honestly, people, that's a bull you're approaching from two different sides and cornering. (sigh) I know they're amazing to see.

We saw one of the wild horses that live in the park; it ran in front of us across the road like a deer. That was interesting.

My husband and I would love to see all of the national parks, and now we can add this to our list of the ones we've seen.

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